Hello all!

At our last executive board meeting (please remember—all are welcome to attend these planning meetings, and the next is January 6 at 6:30 PM), we discussed a number of great activities for the winter and spring, and would like to involve all of you in the planning and the fun!

First things first—let's keep supporting our school this December:
SCRIP GIFT CARDS — ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5. Send in your Scrip orders by this Friday, get your cards on December 15th! Visit http://www.pa144.com/scripcards.html.

BARNES & NOBLE BOOKFAIR, DECEMBER 5-7. Print a voucher, and go shopping in store or online! Click here.

SHOP AMAZON SMILE all year long. Visit http://smile.amazon.com/ch/11-6201843.

PENNY HARVEST continues through this Friday, December 5. We are halfway toward our goal of $5000—and all proceeds go to the charities the children choose. Help us reach the top again this year with your spare change, dollars, and checks (made out to Common Cents NY).

And, there is still time to contribute to our APPEAL FOR 144 before the end of the tax year. Here's our letter, if you've missed it: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/8c6ce8c1f50efb0bff21da9ae/files/2014_Fall_Appeal.pdf

And now, a teaser on our plans for the spring! We'll be discussing all of these ideas at our General Meeting, December 15 at 7 PM. This will be our potluck year-end celebration—come with a small treat and mingle with your fellow parents! Children are welcome, and will be encouraged to make cards for children in hospitals this time of year.

g Our After School Program continues to grow and adapt to your needs, and so we need your feedback! Take our quick survey, even if you don't yet have a child in the program.

gMeet the summer camps before you register at our P.A. Meeting and Camp & Activity Fair on January 26th!

gWe're going to Dance! Younger grades (PK-2) can take a special someone to our February 6 party, and older children (3-5) will celebrate the end of ELA and Math testing on April 24.

gFor the grown-ups: our Silent Auction (March 28) promises to be a fun reception for mingling and out-bidding your friends! And for the kids, our annual Talent Show (tentatively May 2) will bring out our stars. If you have contacts with great auction offerings, or even have a favorite store you can use our solicitation letter to ask for goodies: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/8c6ce8c1f50efb0bff21da9ae/files/PS144Q_Auction_2015.pdf
gScience Fest is returning this spring! We'll partner with the local Boy Scouts to create something even bigger than last year, with outdoor activities to let us get messy and learn. Families will again be encouraged to bring their favorite experiments to share!

gOur very first Move-A-Thon will serve as the culmination of Spirit Week Activities at school on May 1. Kids can dance, run, skip, hop, jump-rope—anything active! We'll ask you to reach out to friends and family to sponsor the children and we'll also be seeking out local corporate sponsors. There will be raffle prizes for the kids and fun for all!

gOur annual Career Day will be held May 15, and we can use your help making that day special for all of our children.

We strongly encourage all families to get involved in these events—if you aren't available during the day, there are plenty of opportunities available in the evening and on the weekend. Get to know your fellow parents, and be part of these efforts that not only support the school but bring our community together. We hope to see you!

All the best,
Rosanne & Sandra

Sandra Tharas & Rosanne Gangi-Gaertner

P.S. We still have dollar chocolate bars for sale! Contact either of us for a case, or even a few bars.


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