April is an excellent month. I say this because it is the first full month of spring. Nature is waking up. The weather gets progressively warmer. And most importantly, baseball season starts!

Okay, maybe that’s not the most important thing, but I’m going to stick with it because it’s a good metaphor. (And I really like baseball.) We are in the final three innings of the school year and we still have some more runs to score if we hope to win the game. Translation: We have not yet hit our fundraising goal, but with our heavy hitting events coming up to the plate and a dedicated fan base of 144 families, I have no doubt we’ve got this. Just take a look at our line-up!

At the plate in April:

As we sit on the bench this Spring Break, it is time to really think about your children, their school, the Parents’ Association, and your involvement level. While there are many valid reasons it can be hard to get involved, the best reasons to do it anyway live in your home with you. Being a PA Executive Board member and/or an SLT member allows you a stronger voice in the school community as an advocate for our families. It is time for new faces to lead the PA so they can make it even greater than they found it. Our school works better when there is competition for all these important leadership positions so please consider running for an open seat. Nominations for SLT and PA Executive Board positions are due on Wednesday, April 19, by 5pm. You can nominate either yourself or someone else. You can find the paper form on the PA website at pa144.com/1617/Elections2017.pdf or you may email your nomination(s) to elections@pa144.com .

Our next PA meeting will be held on Monday, April 24, at 7pm. This is the best time and place to get information, ask questions, and address concerns. It is also the only place we are allowed to conduct official PA business. I know it can be hard for families to make every meeting and I appreciate the effort. Children are always welcome as are thought-provoking questions, productive conversations, new ideas, and most especially new faces.

You are cordially invited to celebrate our school’s rich cultural diversity at our Culture Food Festival on Saturday, April 29, from 3-7pm. Our school represents more than 27 different countries; this event presents the perfect opportunity to come together as a community and to share our unique cultural traditions and cuisine. There will be homemade international dishes, a raffle for wine, chocolates, and teas, cultural dance performances, and games and crafts. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. We are offering free admission for those who sign up by April 24, and bring a dish. In addition, you can receive reduced admission if you bring a dish at the door without prior registration. For more information, please head to the pa website’s event page, or click the following link: docs.google.com/document/d/16vxIHGjW7AmZ0R_S5i3qQI3un1EqwA3rx0pxmFxkt9U/.

On deck for May:

Round two of state testing happens early this month. The NY State Math Exam runs from Tuesday, May 2, through Thursday, May 4. Parents, remember less stress is good. A good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast will help them be successful. Good luck to all!

After finally finishing the most spread-out state testing ever, everyone will be in need of a way to blow off some steam. We can help! Bring your child(ren) and yourself to our Club 144 Disco Night on Friday, May 5, (time TBD). Whip and nae nae away the last of the stress ‘cause it’s always a good time. Entry is $5 per person at the door; we are not selling advance tickets. All children must be accompanied by an adult. All attendees must purchase a ticket. Keep an eye out for more information coming soon.

Please join us for this year’s Science Fest! On Saturday, May 6, from 12-3pm we are celebrating science while bringing the community together for hands-on exhibits and great demonstrations. Discover chemical reactions, circuits, optical illusions, and more! There will be a chance for kids to win raffle prizes and the class with the highest attendance will win a prize! Suggested donation is $5 at the door but additional donations would be appreciated as all proceeds benefit the PA. We need volunteers to run small science demonstrations and/or help with set-up and/or clean-up for our event. If you are interested in helping out or know someone who would be, please contact Maura and Sudeshna at sciencefest@pa144.com. pa144.com/1617/sfest17.pdf

Once the stress is gone, the fun begins. Monday, May 8, through Friday, May 12, is our annual Spirit Week! Past days have included Tye-Dye Day, Pajama Day, and Topsy Turvey Day. What does this year hold? Stay tuned!

Do you have any idea how sweet Tuesdays can be? Time to find out as our Restaurant Night fundraiser is at Eddie’s Sweet Shop! On Tuesday, May 9, from 3-8pm, bring our flyer, docs.google.com/document/d/1O-0UTYzGn8-e8Z4i6HAivCZz4USt32NEBY7EUekMGa4/, to Eddie’s and they will donate 25% of your bill to the PA. Delicious!

What better way to say I love you than with the gift of a plant? Our Mother’s Day Plant Sale will be on Thursday, May 11th, and Friday, May 12th, during all three lunch periods and after school.

There is no doubt that P.S. 144’s got talent. Find out for yourself at our annual Talent Show on Saturday, May 20. You can find more information, the registration form and rules here, docs.google.com/document/d/1ewCquJAofJ8Hy4xrOwkpTPYu_JXLXgN-kzD5GC7h0zU/. But don’t just come for the amazing acts! (Though that is a great reason.) At the same time we will be holding our Class Baskets Raffle in the cafeteria! Come and see what our classes have put together and what you might be lucky enough to win. Remember, you gotta be in it to win it. Performances and baskets aren’t enough? Well perhaps your child might be interested in one of our Teacher Experiences. You will have the chance to bid, silent auction style, on all sorts of experiences donated by the 144 staff. Play kick ball with staff members? Pizza lunch with a favorite teacher? Or the ultimate prize, Principal for the day? More information coming soon.

Elections are an important part of any democracy and while ours may not get the same level of national press, they are still just as important. Election Day for open SLT seats and all PA Executive Board positions will be held on Monday, May, 15th, during drop-off, pick-up and the first hour of the PA meeting (7-8pm).

*** Called in from the bullpen ***

If your child went to the nurse recently and came home with stickers, they met Nurse Dina. Nurse Brooks-Cruz accepted an assignment elsewhere and is no longer with our school. Nurse Dina will be with us until June. No word on who will be our permanent nurse come September.

Swinging for the fences, Jodie      



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