March, best known for its lion beginnings and lamb endings. While I can’t wait for the weather to go that way, the PA is rolling in reverse order. We’ve been a little quieter this winter as we worked through some changes in our plans. Even with some Chair changes, schedule changes, and a cancelled event, we’re moving forward and working hard to make sure that next year’s students have access to everything this year’s students do. Without the Spring Auction, we have a $20,000 hole in our fundraising forecast. I’m counting on the 144 community to pull together and come through as they always seem to do. I’d roar about that any time of year.

Today, March 9, is a half day due to Parent-Teacher Conferences. When you’re at school, please make sure to take a couple of minutes and fill out a Parent Survey. There will be a box outside the classroom to put your completed survey in. The school will have iPads available for those who prefer to do it online while waiting for your conference. The response rate is reflected on P.S. 144’s school report card, so it's important that every parent fills out the survey. As per our Parent coordinator, Ms. Kyne, if P.S.144 gets an 80% response rate, the children will get a free ice cream Friday. If we get a 90% response rate she will do two parent-free (drop off) Movie Nights, one for Pre-k to 2nd grade and one for 3rd thru 5th grade.

What, another day you don’t have to cook and you can support the PA at the same time? That’s right, our Restaurant Night fundraiser continues into March. On Tuesday, March 14, from 4-10pm, head over to Boston Market on the corner of Austin Street and 71st/Continental. Flyers went in the teachers’ mailboxes today and they should come home soon. Alternatively, you can print it HERE... On the back of the flyer are 3 tickets, you need the ticket for us to get credit; feel free to share the other two with friends, family, and neighbors!

Because it being the first day of spring wasn’t quite good enough, Monday, March 20, from 7-9pm, will also be the next PA meeting of the school year. It’s the time and place to find out about what is going on in the school and ask questions you don’t get the answers to on our facebook page. There aren’t a lot of months left in the year; if you’re going to get involved the time is now.

For our upper graders, third through fifth grades, it’s time to start sharpening their #2 pencils. The NY State ELA exams will be broken up and given over three days, Tuesday, March 28, Wednesday, March 29, and Thursday, March 30. Parents, remember less stress is good. A good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast will help them be successful. Good luck to all!

Recently you have read about our struggles to recruit enough volunteers to enable some of our traditional fundraisers to go forward. Not enough help came in time to save our Spring Auction. However we have had some really fantastic people step up to ensure that the Culture Food Festival (formerly International Night), Science Fest, and the Talent Show occur this year. I want to express my heart felt gratitude. The money we raise this year makes sure the PA can continue the residency program next year. The ongoing struggle to ensure enough money for next year’s PA budget highlights how important it is for our families to get involved. It is the only way to ensure that we can provide for all the children at 144.

That being said, the committees are going to be looking for volunteers as they start planning these events. Culture Food Festival (April 29) will be looking for Table Leaders, as well as help with set-up, breakdown, running the raffle table, and admissions. Science Fest (May 6) will be looking for volunteers to set-up exhibits/experiments they can share with the community. Talent Show (May 20) will need help at the door and working concessions. More information will be coming, so keep an eye out. We’re counting on you!


As we are in the final four months of school, it is time for next year’s PA Executive Board and SLT members to be elected. In order to hold elections, we need an Elections Committee. This would ideally be two to three people. Responsibilities include creating and distributing election materials, running voting periods, and counting the vote. For the PA and the SLT to function next year, we must hold valid elections run by a committee of PA members who are not running for office. We need your help with the peaceful transition of power!

In two shakes of a lamb’s tail it will be summer, so I welcome everyone to throw off the last vestiges of winter this month and join us for a roaring good last four months.

Ready for the lion's share of warm weather and fun,



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