On Mondays and Tuesdays, the After School Program is offered by the Central Queens Y (CQY) and held at P.S. 144. All classes, registration, payment, and administration will be handled by the CQY on those two days. For more information, please call Ariel Baez at (718) 268-5011 x303 or email 144asdc@cqy.org

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July 21, 2017

Dear After School Program parents,

Thank you for registering for the Fall 2017 Parents Association After School Program (PA-ASP), which runs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

You can now view the status of your application using your registration ID. You received your registration ID in the automated email acknowledgement when you registered for After School. Classes listed in black are confirmed. Classes listed in orange have not yet met their minimum enrollment, and are currently pending. If we decide to cancel a class you will be contacted. If your class appears in red, please check your email for a message from us.

Fall PA-ASP Enrollment Status

As always, please do not submit multiple applications. If you wish to make changes to your registration, please email us at afterschool@pa144.com.

Thank you,
The PA-ASP Committee


The After School Program Committee


On Wednesdays to Fridays, if you are running late, have an issue with dismissal, or anything else that involves the staff at the front desk during the After School Program hours, you must call the ASP phone at 646-256-3538. The administrator for that day will have the phone with them during ASP hours.

If you have a question about the After School Program, the best way to reach the committee is by emailing us at: afterschool@pa144.com.