faculty & staff

SCHOOL YEAR 2015-2016d

Principal Reva Gluck-Schneider rglucks@schools.nyc.gov
Assistant Principal Jennifer Lucadamo jlucadamo@schools.nyc.gov
Parent Coordinator Siobhan Kyne skyne2@schools.nyc.gov
School Guidance Counselor Amie Mizzi amizzi@schools.nyc.gov
School Secretaries A. Maher Room 209
  D. Cotov Room 209


Faculty List (September 2015)

Classroom Teachers
Grade Code Class Room Teacher
Pre-K 001 PreK 107 M. Franzitta
  002 PreK 105 R. Ferro
  003 PreK 103 M. Montaquiza
Kindergarten 011 K 205 M. Maher
  015 K 315 J. Campanelli
  014 K 215 C. Albano
  012 K 217 M. Krug
  013 K 219 L. McBride
  016 K 300C K. Keenan
  031 K 201 D. Scancarello/ D. Mohan
1st Grade 131 Gr 1 319 L. Ra/ S. Rovegno
  101 Gr 1 317 C. DiPuma
  102 Gr 1 213 J. Friedman
  103 Gr 1 303 C. Pinto
2nd Grade 231 Gr 2 313 M. Mayorga/ M. Hoyt
  203 Gr 2 305 B. Gandelman
  202 Gr 2 301 M. Skrezena
  201 Gr 2 302 J. Sussman
  204 Gr 2 300B E. Haase
3rd Grade 303 Gr 3 300A D. France
  302 Gr 3 300D K. Lynam
  301 Gr 3 419 L. Diamond
  331 Gr 3 417 B. Lazarus/ O. Ortega
  304 Gr 3 402 C. Hwang
4th Grade 403 Gr 4 413 C. Levenstein
  402 Gr 4 409 D. Kessler
  404 Gr 4 405 J. Gutierrez
  401 Gr 4 403 T. Apley
5th Grade 502 Gr 5 401 M. Lynn
  501 Gr 5 TCU 1 L. Doff
  531 Gr 5 407 K. Traub/ S. Rabbat
  503 Gr 5 TCU 2 Romano
SE 091   K/1/2 411 L. Magarik
SE 391   3/4/5 352 C. Berkowitz


Cluster Teachers and Other Staff
Library   E. Schneider
Computers   L. Heinz
Science upper grades   K. Pierre
Science lower grades   J. Guerra
Theater   K. Devine
Physical Education   R. Marino
Visual Arts   A. Weiss
Arts and G & T   L. Olshan
ESL   K. Stathis
Adaptive Phys. Ed.   D. Bruno
SETTS/Push In/Testing   M. Cohen
IEP/Push In/RTI/Testing   R. DiMaria
RTI/SETTS/Testing   K. Vitellaro
RTI Reading/Testing   A. Rizzuto-Zaika
Guidance Counselor   A. Mizzi
School Based Support Team  
  K. Berkowitz
Social Worker
  R. Smith
Family Worker
  J. Perez
Speech   K. Bulavinetz
    A. Harris
    K. Elfers
Occupational Therapy   A. Arcangel
    C. Sheineman
Physical Therapy   T. Miller
School Nurse   Y. Brooks-Cruz
School Safety Officer   Officer Solomon


School Aides Custodial Staff Lunchroom Staff Paraprofessionals
A. Berdecia D. Malina C. Tinoco B. Cohen
P. Foglio E. Dandrea C. Kuwarei M. Concado
J. Milom D. McBride C. LeMelle S. Freydson
H. Pasko T. Burns A. Haynie N. Kahn
M. Saracino     H. Liu
D. Neubaur     M. Majumder
      B. Babita
      T. Wong
      J. Blanco


For emergencies and urgent issues, always call the main office at 718-268-2775.


For non-emergencies, you have three options.


1. You can send a note to the teacher in your child's school folder.


2. You can call the office and leave a message for the teacher. She or he will call you back when they are available.


3. You can email some of the teachers with non-urgent issues. If your teacher did not give out an email address, then the teacher prefers a note or a phone call.


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