Rosanne Gangi-Gaertner P.A. President
Sandra Tharas Co-Vice President
Saenah Kim Co-Vice President
Elizabeth Burke Treasurer
Jen Swanson Corresponding Secretary
Susan Gardner Recording Secretary



After School Program Sandra Tharas
  Faculty: Rick Marino
Auction Executive Board
Backpack News Stefanie Ameres, Editor
Yi Ming Tseng-Lee, Editor
Jodie Lasoff-Licata, Photo Editor
Erin Vito, Layout Editor
Mairead Dorry, Advertising
Box Tops Loukia Kumar
Jennifer Swanson
Yvonne Wallraf Bhullar
Bylaws Committee Jeanne Kwok
Career Day Annie Siu-Lin
Joanna Gallai
Mary Snow
Coupon Book Sale Elizabeth Burke
Election Day Sale Chandra Maharaj
Field Days Elizabeth Burke
Fifth Grade Lisa Brody
Catherine Chistov
Michael Geiger
Lisa Hahn
Yung Kim
YiMing Tseng-Lee
Flea Market Carolyn Yasharian
Sandy Liu
Halloween Party Rhonda Sidial
Jennifer Petway
Holiday Fundraiser Susan Gardner
Fred Pagan
Middle School Night Jennifer Swanson
International Night Rhonda Sidial
Sandra Tharas
Sandra Fuentes
Nomination Committee Jeanne Kwok
Lisa Brody
Lisa Hahn
Pathway to Knowledge Yi-Ming Tseng
Yung Kim
Spring Fundraiser Jeanne Kwok
Picture Day Melissa Chertok
Catherine Chistov
Elizabeth Burke
Pie Sale - November Saenah Kim
Jeanne Kwok
Plant Sale - May Aninka Cruz
Marian Glick-Bauer
Programs: Arts Lisa Hahn
(over seen by President) Jeanne Kwok
Programs: Sciences Sandra Tharas
(overseen by President) Jennifer Swanson
  Jeanne Kwok
Safety Committee Representative Alexandra Gecin
Scholastic Book Sale Lisa Hahn
Jeanne Kwok
School Supply Kits Charna Rigosi
Marian Glick-Bauer
Scrip Gift Cards Cindy Ngai
Spirit Wear Fundraiser Darlene Hensley Bondanza
  Yvonne Wallraf Bhullar
Staff Appreciation Jeanne Kwok
Talent Show Talent:
Lisa Hahn
Jeanne Kwok
Basket Raffle:
Elizabeth Burke
Saenah Kim
Website Liaison Jennifer Swanson
Grade Parent Liaison Saenah Kim
Pre - K/K Parent Liaison Orkideh Pourfajar
Sandra Fuentes
Annie Siu-Lin
1st Grade Parent Liaison Aninka Cruz
2nd Grade Parent Liaison  
3rd Grade Parent Liaison Lisa Hahn
  Elizabeth Burke
4th Grade Parent Liaison Jeanne Kwok
5th Grade Parent Liaison Catherine Chistov


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