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Afterschool Program (ASP)

July 2019


Dear Parents,

Planning for Fall 2019 After School Program is complete!  We are very excited to welcome back popular classes and introduce some new, exciting options. Please note the following information only applies to the Parents’ Association volunteer-run After School Program (ASP) on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. PA Volunteers run the ASP in conjunction with school faculty, staff, and outside vendors. 

Enrollment: Open enrollment is from June 17- August 30, 2019.
Fall 2019 Semester: The Fall 2019 PA After School Program starts on Wednesday, 9/18/19 and ends on Friday, 2/14/20.


Open Enrollment is held on a first-come, first served basis. You are strongly encouraged to enroll early for several reasons:

  • To ensure an enriching and positive experience for all students, we may cap the overall capacity of the After School Program. 
  • It is also very likely that some classes (especially our most popular ones) will reach capacity and may close to additional enrollment. 
  • Although Open Enrollment occurs throughout the summer, we may be making the first round of decisions about adding or canceling classes by June 24th based on our enrollment numbers at that time.

 All enrollment for the PA-run After School Program will be carried out through JackRabbit, our enrollment platform. For details on how to register and enroll in classes, please visit the Registration and Enrollment guide. Please be sure to read the manual thoroughly and make sure you have an accessible JackRabbit account before enrollment.  As always, a lot of our information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions document. 

We look forward to a new and exciting program.


Elisa Cheng and Sonia Duchatellier, Co-Vice Presidents, After School Program


On Wednesdays to Fridays, if you are running late, have an issue with dismissal, or anything else that involves the staff at the front desk during the After School Program hours, you must call the ASP phone at 646-256-3538. The administrator for that day will have the phone with them during ASP hours.  This phone number is also available in WhatsApp.

*On Mondays and Tuesdays, the After School Program is offered by the Common Point Queens and is held at P.S. 144. Common Point Queens will handle all classes, registration, payment, and administration for those two days. For more information, please call Sarah Nunez at (718) 751-5095, 718-268-5011 ext 303 or

If you have a question about the PA After School Program, the best way to reach the committee is by emailing us at: