About P.S. 144Q » Welcome to P.S. 144Q, Colonel Jeromus Remsen!

Welcome to P.S. 144Q, Colonel Jeromus Remsen!

The Mission of P.S. 144 is to continue our work in creating a community of learners who know it is safe to think, create, struggle and persevere. It is our intention to have learners who learn for more than the moment. We want students to dive deeply into conversation, reading, writing, and math and sciences in such a way that they will know how to work through problems- regardless of any particular test structure. The skills they carry will be born of experiences with struggle, and creatively persevering.We want the skills to stay with them, and draw on them now, and forever.


At P.S. 144, we continue to pride ourselves on our high achievement in all areas. We continue to achieve through continual reflection collaboratively with our community of parents, teachers and the entire staff of our “village.”  Our expectations reflect the deeply held belief that we are responsible for all areas of a student’s development- academic, social, and emotional and that through this development our world has change agents for the better.


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