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Who Is The P.A.




YOU ARE! First and foremost, YOU are the Parents' Association! Every parent or guardian of a child at P.S. 144 is automatically a member. The PA Executive Board and Chairs are parent volunteers, just like you, and we rely on every parent to be successful.



ENRICHMENT PROGRAMMING for all P.S. 144 students includes grade-appropriate hands-on opportunities in fine arts, music & movement, science & technology and wellness. The Parents' Association works closely with the school administration and faculty to select and fun classes like puppetry, drumming, art with the Guggenheim and The Queens Museum, music history and theory and so much more. To see the enrichment programs by grade for 2019-2020, click here. These programs are solely funded and made possible by parent donations! 


The AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (ASP) is available Monday through Friday until 5:50PM. We offer a variety of different programs at different price points, working with Commonpoint Queens, P.S. 144 staff and outside vendors. Click here for more information and key dates.


EVENTS - Throughout the year, the P.A. organizes fundraisers and community building events to help students and parents get to know each other, such as the Back to School Play Date, Halloween Spooktacular, Talent Show and more.


ADVOCACY - The Parents' Association takes on causes that support the safety and happiness of all students, such as ensuring safety around the school at drop-off and dismissal, campaigning for building upgrades, and working closely with the school administration.


MORE - Thanks to your generous donations, the P.A. is also able to provide monetary support to the school: classroom supplies, teacher appreciation, student planners and more.



YOU CAN VOLUNTEER at a Parents' Association EVENT! The PA hosts many fundraising events throughout the year. Whether you can commit to one hour or several days, whether you can help with party decorations or talent show line up, ALL is appreciated and needed. Other ways to be involved include volunteering for the school as a helper within the classroom or at lunch and recess. We need everyone to pitch in and offer what they can, JUST ASK!


YOU CAN DONATE! Did you know? If every child donated $160, the PA would be done with fundraising for the entire year! 


There are several ways to DONATE:

  1. Write a check to “PA of PS144Q”
  2. Online donations (one time, monthly, or Paypal to president@pa144.com)


The Parentsʹ Association of P.S. 144 is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is taxdeductible as allowed by law (EIN# 11-6201843).