The Latest from PS 144 about the Coronavirus

A letter from our principal Ms Reva - March 20, 2020
Dear Families,
I want each and every one of you to know, that we are still Ps 144 strong, and ready to help.
The teachers have turned a brick and mortar school into an online classroom in 48 hours. Their work is simply outstanding. Everyone in school has been working tirelessly so that the things we do here, can in some manner be done remotely.
If your NYC public student needs a device you can apply for it here:
If you have not signed into your teacher’s Google Classroom please do it very soon. School is in session online Monday. Teachers have sent you the links to get your student’s email. This is needed to get into class. Please look at your emails. If you need to reach out to the teachers via email or Class Dojo or Shutterfly, please check.
Google Classroom is where you will find the work posted, and the schedule of times that there will be live classes, assignments, time for interaction with your child’s teacher etc. It will change. It will be fluid. It will be based on our very best efforts to serve out families.
We wish you safety.
We wish you good health.
We wish you happiness
We wish you peace.
We are a community and nothing about that fact has changed. We may not see each other in person, but we will have an online presence for us all.
My respect and appreciation for our community is best described as an overwhelming and emotional gratitude.
Now let’s get this new way to be in school rolling!
Thank you on behalf of the Staff and Administration of Ps 144,
 Ms. Reva